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Chinese language – 2017/2018 I. semester

* Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
HSK2 Anita
HSK2 Andarea
HSK1 Susan
HSK2 Anita
HSK2 Anita
HSK1 Susan
HSK2 Anita
HSK3 Susan
HSK1 Zoe
12:00-13:30     HSK3 Susan    
14:00-15:30 HSK1 Susan        
HSK2 Celina
HSK1 Zoe
  HSK2 Celina    
17:00-18:30   HSK3 Vince HSK3 Susan HSK3 Vince  

You can found contacts in the "Our Team" Option.

Venue: Miskolc, Campus, Building A/1, 1st Floor, Room 117, 118, 119


  • HSK

1 - beginner

2 - intermediate

3 – advanced


Minimum participation rate during the whole semester to be: 66 %.