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Summer Camp in Beijing for students of the University of Miskolc

Esemény kezdete:2017. július 12.
Esemény vége:2017. július 28.
Esemény helyszíne:北京
The Other Side of World

It was 15:25, 13th of July when our plane landed in the world's second largest airport, Beijing Capital International. My first impression at the airport was proved that China is the country of the huge buildings and interesting architecture mixed together with culture of the country. 

Another main finding was that China is the great example of hospitality.  If you meet  friends from China you have to be sure that  friendship will last forever. 


Did you know that Confucius Institute is based at the University of Miskolc,  where you have the possibility to study Chinese language and attend cultural experience classes? If not, you have missed a lot.  Visiting Chinese language classes gave me the opportunity to be part of the Summer Camp that was organized and financed by Beijing University of Chemical Technology, one of the front -runner university in China. Our host university prepared really tight schedule full with Chinese and cultural experience classes, sightseeing  and introduction of Chinese culture and traditional food.


Being the member of the International Family at the university of Miskolc for two years gave me a lot of experience and knowledge of different cultures and the countries around the world.  Travel and  new challenges became  our daily life.  Therefore,  I decided to broaden my knowledge, study my fifth language and visit China. 


Being guest for two weeks at the campus of the Beijing University of Chemical  Technology  I had the possibility to visit every sight (Great Wall, Forbidden city, Summer Palace, Tiananmen Square), museums,  parks and other places in Beijing.  Moreover, Confucius Institute headquarters  prepared official opening ceremony  for all participants from different countries of Eastern Europe.  The most memorable moment was when me and other University participants from various countries performed Chinese song on the Stage. 

Every day was full with the joy and memorable moments. 

When you walk through imperial palace from the Ming dynasty, or climb Great wall, that is called "Changcheng" (The meaning: Long wall), visit Summer Palace, which is vast assemble of lakes, parks and temples, overhaul the scenery from the top of Jinshang park to forbidden city, you realize and feel that you are a part of something majestic, kingly and grand. The thing that you have only seen in the movies  becomes real and you just don't want to leave the country and those people, mentors, teachers, who shared the unforgettable moments with you.

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