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Information of HSK &HSKK 2017

2017. március 17., 12:35

I. Time of the Tests

Date of HSK &HSKK Tests: 20, May, 2017

Time of different tests:

1. HSK Level 1, Level 3, Level 5:13:30

2. HSK Level 2, Level 4 Level 6: 9:00

3. HSKK of all Levels: 16:30

II. Application of the Tests

1. Deadline of Application:23, April, 2017

2. enter www.chinesetest.cnchoosing “Confucius Institute of University of Miskolc “ for application

3. upload an electronic photo and it is better in white background

4. neglect the “promotion code” while filling in the application form

5. ask for the payment form application fee and application form from your  teacher and pay the application fee in a post office.

6. give or send the scanned versions( or the photo )of the payment receipt and application form to the Hungarian secretary of our CI ,Edit or your teacher.

III. Compulsory Things for the Tests

1. ID card

2. examination certificate

3. For those who have failed to upload the electronic photo before the test do bring 2 paper photos of 2 inches in the white background

IVThings needed for the Test

1. a pencil( 2B)

2. a rubber

V. Requires of grade and issue of certificate

1. the grade of the test can be found online a month after the test

2. the certificates will be issued 45 days after the test.

VI. Application fee for the tests

HSK Level           Fee in Ft

HSK 1                5000

HSK 2                6000

HSK 3                7000

HSK 4                8000

HSK 5                9000

HSK 6                10000

HSKK (Basic)          6000

HSKK( Intermediate)    7000

HSKK( Advanced)       8000


Application Form of HSK


Application Form of HSKK