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On-line Teaching Information of the Confucius Institute at UoM

Miskolc - February 8th, 2021

-Just the courses held at the University are changing-


Dear Students,

 according to the decision made by the Rector of University of Miskolc, the Confucius Institute has decided to, apply on-line teaching in the 2nd term of the Academic Year as well..

We offer on-line Chinese classes via Zoom from the start of the term (Feb 8th 2020). The main information is the following for you, for studying at the University:

  1. We will use the App “Zoom” ( for on-line class. Please download it before your first class. Here is the link to the Guide for you to learn how to use this on-line APP.
  2. The class will be held according to the timetables of this semester unless you and your teacher has made an agreement about the new schedule, and will begin on February 8th.
  3. Please keep in touch with your teachers through any of the following communication channels: Email, Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, Wechat, etc. Emails:
  4. Your on-line study attendance, which will account in the final assessment, will be recorded by teachers weekly; your electronic test paper documents will be saved by teachers and reported to CI.
  5. You can ask your teacher to send you PPT, audio, video and other documents for live broadcast before class.
  6. The assignment specified in the teaching plan is the minimal request for the class and could be more according the teaching progress; for exercise and test we recommend: Liveworksheet (


 On-line teaching is challening to all of us. There might be some technical problems while teaching. We need more cooperation and compassion.

 Please take care of yourselves, do your part to “flatten the curve”, and slow the spread of COVID-19. We hope you enjoy our on-line course!


             Prof. Jie Liu & Dr. Dániel Kuttor 

        Co-directors of Confucius Institute at University of Miskolc