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Study Chinese, discover China

with the support of the

Confucius Institute, University of Miskolc!


Chinese is the most spoken language in the world with 1.5 billion speakers. Chinese companies expand in Europe and the demand for Chinese speaking employees increase significantly in the last years.

The University of Miskolc has offered organized, institutionalized Chinese language and cultural teaching since 2012. In the first year, a minor centre hosted the trainings; afterwards the third Confucius Institute of Hungary was established in August 2013. The uniqueness of our institute is that two Chinese partners contributed to the foundation. On our platform two higher education institutions (universities) and one company work together. This way of cooperation is unprecedented in the global network of Confucius Institutes.

The educational and cultural partnership between the University of Miskolc and the Beijing University of Chemical Technology is supplemented by the Wanhua-BorsodChem Industrial Holding (Yantai-Kazincbarcika).

The CI together with the Chinese Language Foundation also organizes 2-weeks-long summer camps in China, Beijing for the registered students who have completed at least one of our Chinese courses for one semester ages between 15 to 65.


Prof. Jie Liu (Kristina, 刘杰)

Chinese co-Director
Phone number: +36 46 565 145
Extension number: 565 111/ 23-57
E-mail address:

“God helps those who help themselves!"

Liu Jie (Kristina) is coming from Beijing. She is professor in the College of Humanities and Law of Beijing University of Chemical Technology, PhD in history. She enjoys learning different languages; so far she has learnt English, Japanese, French and Hungarian. There is an idiom in China: 井底之蛙 [jǐng dǐ zhī wā] which means a person with a limited outlook on life is just like a frog living at the bottom of a well. Knowing people from different parts of the world may open my mind, that is why I am working here as the Chinese director of Confucius Institute.

Dr. Dániel Kuttor (柯丹青)

Hungarian co-Director
Phone number: +36 46 565 145
Extension number: 565 111/ 24-14
E-mail address:

"Learning never exhausts the mind."

Dániel Kuttor graduated at the University of Miskolc, Faculty of Economics, major in European Union. He also maintained his international orientation during his later teaching and research activities. He dedicated his PhD research to the spatial analysis of Central European economies and societies. Since 2017, he has been the Hungarian director of the Institute. Learning languages has been always important for him; he speaks English and German, and possesses basic Chinese knowledge.





CI provides Chinese language courses in different levels, where we focus on speaking, grammar and writing characters. In addition, we offer Chinese cultural lessons and calligraphy occasionally, and other interesting programs to give an impression from China and its unique culture.

Senior teacher in the Academic Year 2021/2022

Fan Liyun (Kristi, 范立云)

Chinese teacher
Phone number: +36 46 565 145
E-mail address:

“Never stop learning because life never stops teaching!”

Fan Liyun (Kristi) is coming from Peking. She has MA diploma in linguistics in Beijing Foreign Studies University. She has been teaching English for 31 years, 10 years in BUCT (Beijing University of Chemical Technology). She considers teaching a part of her life. She loves her students who are making sweet and inspiring memories of her journey of life. She motivates students to aspire to more knowledge, while learning language will feed the brain, and provides a cognitive benefit. Her motto is: never stop learning because life never stops teaching either!


Join us and learn with us!

Take the advantages of learning, knowing Chinese!

Be a part of our community and take part in our colourful programs!


All of our courses are credit courses that you can sign up for in the Neptun system:

Beginner classes:

HSK1 - Beginner Chinese Language 1 (Hun: KÍNAI NYELVI KEZDŐ 1.)

HSK1C - Beginner Chinese Language 1 (Hun: KÍNAI NYELVI KEZDŐ 1.)

HSK2 - Beginner Chinese Language 2 (Hun: KÍNAI NYELVI KEZDŐ 2.)

HSK2C - Beginner Chinese Language 2 (Hun: KÍNAI NYELVI KEZDŐ 2.)

Intermediate classes:

HSK3 - Intermediate Chinese Language 1 (Hun: KÍNAI KÖZÉPHALADÓ 1.)

HSK3C - Intermediate Chinese Language 1 (Hun: KÍNAI KÖZÉPHALADÓ 1.)

HSK4 - Intermediate Chinese Language 2 (Hun: KÍNAI KÖZÉPHALADÓ 2.)

HSK4C - Intermediate Chinese Language 2 (Hun: KÍNAI KÖZÉPHALADÓ 2.)

Advanced classes:

HSK5 - Advanced Chinese Language 1 (Hun: KÍNAI HALADÓ 1.)

HSK5C - Advanced Chinese Language 1 (Hun: KÍNAI HALADÓ 1.)

Chinese Culture class:

Traditional Chinese Culture (Hun: HAGYOMÁNYOS KÍNAI KULTÚRA)


Language exams and perspectives

Our Institute is a certified and acknowledged Test Centre. More info on exams here.


Chinese Proficiency Written Test (HSK)

Chinese Proficiency Written Test (HSK), an international standardized test of Chinese language proficiency, assesses non-native Chinese speakers’ abilities in using the Chinese language in their daily, academic and professional lives. HSK consists of six levels, namely HSK (level I), HSK (level II), HSK (level III), HSK (level IV), HSK (level V), and HSK (level VI).


Chinese Proficiency Oral Test (HSKK)

HSK Speaking Test (HSKK) assesses the test takers’ oral Chinese abilities. HSKK consists of three levels, HSKK (Primary level), HSKK (Intermediate level) and HSKK (Advanced level). HSKK is conducted in the form of audio recording.


In about three years of studying Chinese with us at a normal pace you can reach from a beginner level to intermediate. On this intermediate level you are already able to express your feelings, needs and capable of dealing with familiar topics and short conversations. You can deal with most situations likely to arise when travelling in China.

For further information please contact:



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Phone number: +36 46 565 145
Extension number: 565 111/ 19-63
E-mail address:




Join and discover together one of the most ancient living cultures!