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Chinese Innovation Day (on 24th Nov): programme and registration!

Researchers' Night details: Registration form, poster, programme!

Information and details about the courses: here

Demo-classes for beginners: dates!

Our poster and invitation to the Exhibition on Chinese Art!

LANGUAGE EXAMS IN 2022: 26th March, 12th June, 4th December


Due to SICKNESS the university courses are cancelled and postponed between 14th and 18th February!

The timetable for 2nd term (updated on 17th Feb).

Agenda for our programs held on 2nd and 4th of February.

Information on courses in the 2nd term of the AY 2021/22:

* the list of courses, available in the Spring term is HERE (with teachers and details);

* consultations held during the registration week, dates are found here;

* Registration FORM and information about registration fee for non-academic (not from the university) participants.




>> Our courses and syllabi:

HSK1 - Beginner Chinese Language 1 (KÍNAI NYELVI KEZDŐ 1.) / Neptun kód: REKKNYK01

HSK1.C - Beginner Chinese Language 1.C (KÍNAI NYELVI KEZDŐ 1.C) / Neptun kód: REKKNYK01

HSK2 - Beginner Chinese Language 2 (KÍNAI NYELVI KEZDŐ 2.) / Neptun kód: REKKNYK02

HSK2.C - Beginner Chinese Language 2.C (KÍNAI NYELVI KEZDŐ 2.) / Neptun kód: REKKNYK02

HSK3 - Intermediate Chinese Language 1 (KÍNAI KÖZÉPHALADÓ 1.)  / Neptun kód: REKKNYKH1

HSK3C - Intermediate Chinese Language 1.C (KÍNAI KÖZÉPHALADÓ 1.)  / Neptun kód: REKKNYKH1

HSK4 - Intermediate Chinese Language 2 (KÍNAI KÖZÉPHALADÓ 2.) / Neptun kód: REKKNYKH2

HSK4C - Intermediate Chinese Language 2.C(KÍNAI KÖZÉPHALADÓ 2.) / Neptun kód: REKKNYKH2

HSK 5 - Advanced Chinese Language 1( KÍNAI Haladó 1.) / Neptun kód:REKKNYHA1 

HSK 5C Advanced Chinese Language 1C( KÍNAI Haladó 1.) / Neptun kód:REKKNYHA1 

Chinese Culture (KÍNAI KULTÚRA) / Neptun kód: REKKTCC