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Researchers' night 2021 program and registration form!

NEW timetable for the 1st term of the AY 2021/22


The details of the three demo-courses:

Wang, Zhichun (Andrea): Sept. 6th Monday, @ 2 pm,

Fan, Liyun (Kristi): Sept. 8th Wednesday, @ 10 am,

Liu, Guoyan: Sept. 9th Thursday, @ 2 pm.

Form: either in Room 117 (Bdg. A/1, 1st floor) or online (ZOOM ID: 846 5036 8857, pw: 969294)


Registration form for those who join courses held at the university: link

Orientation meetings: on 31st August at 10 (am) and 7th September at 1.30 (pm). Either with personal attendace or in online form (ZOOM ID: 88509621776, pw: 365722)! 




Closing festival on 24th June (starting at 3 pm), location: Campus. Details coming soon.

Virtual roundtable discussion on Chinese Investors (June 17th, 3 pm): invitation and programme.

Call for Chinese Bridge contest (held on-line on 29th May).

Dates of language exams (HSK and HSKK): in digital form on 24th April; with personal attendance on 15th May.

Announcement for our participants with NO student/uni-staff status!

Timetable and further teaching information: here!


If you wish to join our courses, please contact us:


Zoom code: 7646959109


>> We are closed until 11th January, but we are available. Contact US!


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>> Lecture "Petőfi's poetry in China" is available: here.

>> The next lecture of "China+" series is "Petőfi's poetry in China" by Li Zhen; details.

>> "Chinese Bridge" Speech Contest and Talent Show details.


>> Our courses and syllabi:

HSK1 - Beginner Chinese Language 1 (KÍNAI NYELVI KEZDŐ 1.) / Neptun kód: REKKNYK01

HSK1.C - Beginner Chinese Language 1.C (KÍNAI NYELVI KEZDŐ 1.C) / Neptun kód: REKKNYK01

HSK2 - Beginner Chinese Language 2 (KÍNAI NYELVI KEZDŐ 2.) / Neptun kód: REKKNYK02

HSK2.C - Beginner Chinese Language 2.C (KÍNAI NYELVI KEZDŐ 2.) / Neptun kód: REKKNYK02

HSK3 - Intermediate Chinese Language 1 (KÍNAI KÖZÉPHALADÓ 1.)  / Neptun kód: REKKNYKH1

HSK3C - Intermediate Chinese Language 1.C (KÍNAI KÖZÉPHALADÓ 1.)  / Neptun kód: REKKNYKH1

HSK4 - Intermediate Chinese Language 2 (KÍNAI KÖZÉPHALADÓ 2.) / Neptun kód: REKKNYKH2

HSK4C - Intermediate Chinese Language 2.C(KÍNAI KÖZÉPHALADÓ 2.) / Neptun kód: REKKNYKH2

HSK 5 - Advanced Chinese Language 1( KÍNAI Haladó 1.) / Neptun kód:REKKNYHA1 

HSK 5C Advanced Chinese Language 1C( KÍNAI Haladó 1.) / Neptun kód:REKKNYHA1 

Traditional Chinese Culture (HAGYOMÁNYOS KÍNAI KULTÚRA) / Neptun kód: REKKTCC