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Information about the Chinese Proficiency Test (HSK):

The Chinese Proficiency Written Test (HSK) is China’s accepted and recognized written language test, the purpose of which is to assess and evaluate the language proficiency of non-Chinese speakers, as well as to prepare them for the use of the Chinese language in their everyday, academic and work life. 


Chinese Proficiency Test (HSK) levels:

The HSK is a system consisting of 6 levels of difficulty, at each of which a language exam can be taken.



HSK (Level I) - basic level

HSK (Level II) - basic level

HSK (Level III) - intermediate level

HSK (Level IV) - intermediate level

HSK (Level V) - upper level

HSK (Level VI) - upper level


Information about the HSK Speaking Test (HSKK):

The HSK Speaking Test (HSKK) assesses test-takers' oral Chinese skills. HSKK is being recorded.

HSKK consists of three levels:

HSKK (primary level)

HSKK (intermediate level)

HSKK (advanced level)


Exam rules
More details:


Exam registration
Go to and select "Confucius Institute of the University of Miskolc".
Upload an electronic photo, preferably on a white background.
When filling in the application form, do not forget the "promotion code."
Pay the fee for the language exam.

Please pay the language exam fee by bank transfer to the University of Miskolc:
Bank: Budapest Bank; Account number: HU15-10102718-51382100-01005004.
Address: University of Miskolc - 3515, Miskolc-Egyetemváros.
Message: name, HSK or HSKK level, code: KINAI NYELVVIZSGA
Please send a copy of the payment order to


Application fees for the exams:

HSK level Exam fees (HUF)
HSK1 5000 HUF
HSK2 6000 HUF
HSK3 7000 HUF
HSK4 8000 HUF
HSK5 9000 HUF
HSK6 10000 HUF
HSKK (basic) 6000 HUF
HSKK (intermediate) 7000 HUF
HSKK (advanced) 8000 HUF


Be sure to bring the following with you to the Exam:
Identity card
Examination certificate
For those who have not uploaded an electronic photo prior to the test, please bring 2pcs of 2-inch ID photo with white background.

Required for the exam
Pencil (2B)

Requirements and certificate delivery
Test results are available online one month after the exam.
Participants with successful language result can take their certifications in the administration of the Institute (45 days after the exam).