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Confucius Institute - University of Miskolc

Chinese Educational and Cultural Centre of Northeastern Hungary


Contacts: 0036-46-565145;

Address: Miskolc - Egyetemváros (Campus)


Building A/1 1st Floor


R E C E N T   N E W S




Chinese language teaching has been going on at the University of Miskolc since 2012. First a Chinese Centre was founded with the support of Wanhua-BorsodChem Company and thanks to the efforts of the then leadership the third Confucius Institute in Hungary was established at the University of Miskolc in August 2013 with the assistance of Beijing of Chemical Technology (BUCT) and Wanhua-BorsodChem Company.
HANBAN, the headquarters of the network of Confucius Institutes all over the world is situated in Beijing. The organization considers its main task and mission to raise awareness and dissemination of Chinese culture as well as teaching Chinese as a foreign language. In this noble objective wishes to participate as a small but hopefully effective cog wheel the Confucius Institute of the University of Miskolc.
The Institute under the direct management and supervision of the Board of Directors including the rector of MU, BUCT and representative of Wanhua, and Foreign Ministry of Hungary is headed by a Hungarian and a Chinese director. Their work is assisted by one administrative staff. The Chinese language teaching is supported by two certified Chinese language teachers and four volunteer teachers delegated by BUCT. Besides the university we provide the opportunity of learning the Chinese language at a primary, two secondary schools and Wanhua-BorsodChem Company. Our objectives include involving more schools and businesses to language education. We are trying to establish more effective cooperation with cultural institutions (MIKOM, House of Arts, Youth House, etc.) of Miskolc and the population in the region. We hope our website and the connecting Facebook offer plenty of programs for interested visitors who are to consider worthwhile visiting and joining us.
In the hope of the above may we wish you all successful and pleasant moments while browsing the site.