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Visit of the delegation from Dalian University of Technology

On 23.05.2023, we hosted three staff members from Dalian University of Technology, who visited the University of Miskolc in the framework of the Erasmus+ (KA107) credit mobility programme, organised by the Institute of Energy Engineering and Chemical Machinery, with the assistance of Dr. Katalin Voith, Senior Research Fellow. We thank Prof. Qiao Dongsheng, Prof. Tang Guoqiang and Dr. Yan Jun for their visit and their interest in the work of our institute!
We also gained many useful information during the meeting. We learned that Dalian University of Technology has more than 50,000 students of which many are international, studying not only engineering, but also in economics, social sciences, arts and humanities, including students from Hungary! It was interesting to hear about the pioneering research of Chinese colleagues in the field of fluid mechanics.
The activities of the colleagues from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Informatics are a model for educational and research cooperation with Chinese partners.




News from our event - 1st China Day

Thank you to all those who attended our 1st China Day on 10 May at the University of Miskolc!

M1 News reported live about the preparations in the morning of the event. The interview with the Director of our Institute, Dr. Daniel Kuttor, can be found below:


Photo report of the University of Miskolc about our event (click on the Facebook logo to see the full post):




1st China day

Come to China with us! Join us on 10 May, the first China Day at the University of Miskolc, and learn about China's many scholarship programmes! We will not only inform you about your opportunities, but also give you an insight into student life in China, and offer special cultural and entertainment activities!





China is one of the most popular study destinations in Asia for international students pursuing higher education. Colleges offer students not only degree courses (bachelor's, master's and doctoral programmes) but also other courses (Chinese language studies, vocational training, including one-year courses and summer schools).
The current Chinese scholarship announcements are already published. You can find further information here.

Or visit the following website:




Language exam

We are pleased to announce that our Institute will be holding a language exam on 11th June! For more information on the language exam schedule, please see the Exam menu.

To apply, please visit and select "Confucius Institute of University of Miskolc" as your institution.